The RAISE Act and Immigration

Since the White House briefing yesterday, there’s been a lot of talk about immigration reform and what the future of immigration to the United State’s will look like. President Trump’s support of the RAISE Act has brought a lot of focus on immigration this past week.

Click here to read the bill (RAISE Act) that Senator Tom Cotton (AR-R) has introduced into the Senate.

At Georgia Immigration Assistance, we strive to keep up with all potential changes to the immigration system and how it will effect our clients. Nothing has changed in the way the immigration process works, however, this bill is an indicator that changes could be coming soon.

If you’ve been waiting to start the process toward a Permanent Resident Card, DACA application and other immigration applications, right now may be a great time to go ahead and get the process started.

Within the RAISE Act applications that have already been submitted will be “grandfathered” into the system, meaning the new rules will not apply. But if this bill were to pass or some similar measurement, then anyone who has not previously applied will be subject to any and all new changes.

While the process today is still rather complicated, the rules are familiar and more lenient than any proposals that have been discussed.

We can help you get a jump start on your immigration application and not only make the process a little easier, but helping you get a jump start ahead of any potential changes to immigration law.

Click here to contact our team.


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