We provide help to individuals seeking to immigrate or visit the United States by helping in the preparation of professional looking immigration and/or visa packages to be submitted to the ¬†United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (“USCIS”). We help prepare all the necessary forms and documents to be sent to the USCIS and can help navigating the multiple steps and process, including scheduling medical exams and Infopass appointments, preparation of Affidavits and answering general questions about the process (i.e., directions to your local USCIS office, preparing for your medical exam, gathering documents for your consulate interview, where to get passport-style photos)

We cannot provide legal advice, but if you are in need of an immigration attorney, we can provide a list of well-qualified and experienced immigration attorneys.

Our providers are licensed and bonded by the State of Georgia and have over nine years of experience working in immigration assistance.